Product Manager & Frontend Architect


    • User Centric Design focused Front End Web Developer and UX Designer with 7 years of experience. 
    • Sound knowledge of technologies - HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript. 
    • Worked as Frontend Developer  at  Sapient , SAP and one.com. Presently working at Canto as Senior Javascript Developer.
    • Organizer of Berlin Lean Prototyping,  Dubai Service Jam and HR Hackathon. Rapid prototyping design process speaker.
  • Cumulus Portals

    is a publishing platform, gives a better option for sharing and collaborating and offers unlimited read-only / download-only user access.

    As Senior Javascript Developer, I’m responsible to Cumulus Portals Front End Architecture and Development. Its a publishing platform that allows users to create, share collection of digital assets.

    I develop the front-end with HTML5, LESS using the UI patterns approach and the JavaScript using Angularjs. The code is well organised by angular components with related template and styles.


    Creating a plugin integration platform that allows users to create their own custom plugin was a challenging task. How do you give the user flexibility that doesn't limit their creativity without ending up with a complex application? It requires well designed front end architecture decisions and a clear division of interface to accommodate the many features. I did all UX on Portals Plugin.

  • Web Editor

     is a website builder makes it easy to design and update your website. Start with a template, and make it your own as you add images, pages and content.

    Implementing and developing interface for  web UI components and Properties of UI components in Web Editor using HTML5, LESS and  ExtJS framework.


    Redesigned & developed  global style design interface, user can define and  customize reusable UI components, which can be used across different pages for  consistency and better usability.


    I developed the contact form component full stack with HTML5, LESS and the JavaScript using Extjs and Nodejs. I was responsible for usability of UI components properties.

  • SAP HCM HR Renewal

    is all about changing the user experience for HR Administrators and making their lives easier. I am proud to say  was part of 1st Design Thinking project shipped by SAP in 2012.

    Javascript Development

    Developing Client side web application for SAP HR HCM using Javascript MVC framework with product standards – web accessibility, performance, usability and security.

    HTML5 trainer

    Providing Trainings on JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5 to non-web-platform SAP teams.


    Consulting with US, Europe and China customers, implementing SAP HR product based on feedback.

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